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[:en]Name: Alex Bretas

Country: Brazil

Organization: Education Outside of the Box

About the organization: Education Outside of the Box is a research project which results have already been published in two books: ”Education Outside of the Box, the Kit” and ”Informal doctorate”. The second one will be translated to English, so it will be available for discussion at the IDEC@EUDEC 2016 Conference.

About the candidate

I’m Alex, founder of Education Outside of the Box project, an independent and collaborative inquiry focused on new alternatives for adult learning. I’m 24 years old and live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Currently I’m working in a new project called ”UnLearning”, a learning journey inspired by democratic universities like Shure University in Japan.

Why would I like to attend?

I’m joining IDEC@EUDEC 2016 mainly for two reasons:

We have a dream to create a democratic university in Brazil, and we already began creating it with a small project in Sao Paulo. Join the Conference will be a great opportunity to deepen my understanding about other countries are doing in terms of democratic education for youths and adults.

The second reason is to present and discuss the research findings of the book ”Informal doctorate”, which will be available in English in June. The book is an outcome of a personal learning journey in the area of free education. The inquiry was an ”informal doctorate program”, which means that it was made independently and collaboratively.

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