[:en]Crowdfunding – Amna Nadeem[:]

[:en]Name: Amna Nadeem

Country: Pakistan

Organization: University of the Punjab, Lahore

About the candidate

I am Ph.D scholar working on my thesis in the Institute of Education and Research , University of the Punjab, Lahore , Pakistan. I did my M. phil in curriculum Development, M.A Education , M.A ELT (English Language Teaching) , B.Sc Home Economics. I am working as a lecturer in a public sector women college earning 300 USD.

Why would I like to attend?

I have been the part of few national conferences. Conference provide the chance to get benefit from many researches under the one roof . Interaction with the people from different corners of the world with same thought give boost to your thought as well. People present their experiences and others try to implement in their own settings. Conferences give the new lines for the researches to think and work.

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