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[:en]Name: Arif Paul

Country: Pakistan

Organization: Social Transformation and Educational Prosperity – STEP Organization

Organization Description: Social Transformation and Educational Prosperity – STEP is a non-profit, volunteer and non-Governmental organization. “STEP” was inaugurated in 2000. It is working to develop the people through awareness. “STEP” started the mobilization of community of “Local Towns” is locality of Faisalabad.

People of the area especially women are deprived part of the society. They realized that their unity would change their marginalized life. So with the passage of time they themselves realized their problems, which are hurdle in the way of their development. With few community meetings they became able to decide that a group is the present need of the areas which can assist to solve their problems. So resultantly they develop an organization named (Social Transformation and Educational Prosperity-STEP).

STEP is working with regardless race, color, gender, age, creed, sects and religion.Presently STEP organization is working for the street children free education and computer education.

About the candidate

I am Arif Paul and head of STEP Organization. I have been working to promote Education in our local community of the country. This is my great desire to participate in Finland Educational Conference 2016.I am Graduate and right now running a private school for the street children free education for them.

Why would I like to attend?

Educational Conference is very important because after attending this conference we want to use this term in our country Democratic Education in Pakistan. STEP organization wants to improve the educational ratio in our country and specially in our local marginalized community. we want to utilize the skills and techniques for transformation in education.

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