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[:en]Name: Dr. Saramma Chandy

Country: India

Organization: University of Mumbai, Secondary teacher training college

About the candidate

My educational qualification- M.Sc., M.Ed., P.G.D.M.E. and Ph.D. that is I am a double post graduate in science as well as in education along with a  post graduation educational management.

I am an academician from Mumbai, India, with long teaching experience of about 40 years in institutions of all levels. This include post graduate and graduate levels teacher training colleges (Mumbai University) and High School and Higher Secondary Schools. I am the author of a book title ’Commitment of Teachers Towards Effective Education’  published by a leading book publisher in India . Awards:- I am a recipient of National and International Awards. I have received National Award for teachers in recognition of my meritorious  services from Government of India and it was handed over by the then President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in 2005. This is the highest recognition for an educator in India. Also am a recipient of Intel Science Talent Educator Award instituted by U.S. Science Society. I was the only Teacher Educator from India selected by U.S. Science society to participate at the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)  (Olympics of India Fair) held at Kentucky – U.S.A. 2002.

I have presented about 40 papers (research/ conceptual) at various conferences at state, national and international level. This include World Conference 2003, Common Wealth Association of Science Technology and Mathematics Education (CASTME), 2002 etc. Also Attended various workshops and orientation programmes of academic interest. My special interest are to introduce Innovative Methods of Teaching, Research, Popularizing Science among public, conduct service training for teachers, to be a life-long learner and contribute knowledge at global level. Moreover I worked as a resource person for in-service training programme, contributed to daily news paper for students helping them in science learning as well as i am a visiting team member for inspection of training  colleges with National Council for Teacher Education. I am a member of several academic organizations like All India Association for Educational Research (AIAER), India Science Congress (ISC), International association of Education for world peace etc.

Presently I am Principal and Head of a Secondary teacher training college under University of Mumbai, India. The college imparts teacher training for skill development, research and innovation both in theory and practical aspects of teacher training, thus training student to become teachers in Secondary, Higher Secondary and College level.

Why would I like to attend?

As an educationist I have a universal approach to the problems and prospects of education all over the world. I feel I have to share my knowledge with fellow academicians all over the world. I wish to interact and fellowship with academicians from all over the globe who shall be attending the IDEC 2016 conference. While I share my views, thoughts and experiences I will also get a chance to experience from others. This will be mutually beneficial.

To the conference I will be presenting / discussing a research paper on matters related  to commitment and competency of teachers. As well as interacting and taking part deliberations arranged at the sessions. My research results shall be relevant in all developing countries as well as in developed countries. In short it has universal relevance. I will in-corporate Democratic Education with teacher commitment in my deliberations. I may carry out a workshop mode of deliberation linking Democratic Education and teacher commitment. In conclusion I may say that what the authorities are entrusting on me, with my reach academic expertise, I will do my best at your satisfaction.

Benefit for me:- Universal interactions with academicians on Democratic Education, an alternative education resource for a holistic approach to education. This may be a start an initiative in future to start Democratic Education in India.

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