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[:en]Organization: Escuela Democrática de Huamachuco

Country: Peru

Adults in the group: 2

Students in the group: 2

Organization Description: The EDHU (Democratic School of Huamachuco) is situated in a small town in the Peruvian Andes. It was founded in 2008 by a small group of individuals interested in creating an alternative to the very poor, formal local education system and an opportunity for children from all kinds of social and financial backgrounds and their parents to develop a more self concious and self confident form of being, learning and living in freedom and peace. The school started as a very small initiative and until now not is financially independent from International NGOs and private donors, since there is no state support and the means of most of the parents are very low. Today the School offers a colour- and joyful ambience, respecting also ecological aspects as far as it is possible, to 36 children (with and without special needs) and 7 adults accompanying them. The school also hosts international volunteers, usually not more than two at the same time, to contribute their ideas, gain new experiences and give the children a widespread idea of the world.

Why would I like to attend?

The conference is a unique opportunity for us (two ten year old girls and two adults) to widen our horizons, to travel to a foreign country, to meet people from all over the world who dedicate themselves to democratic education. Most of the people we know have never left Peru, including our parents, and will never have the chance, because its´s just too expensive. We will also be able to listen to different languages, see different faces, get to know different forms of living if there will be enough money raised. And of course we will learn a lot more about democratic education. Later on we will share our experience with the whole school, so the other children and adults will also profit from our travel.

We are very eager to present our school at the conference! We are just a small initiative, but volunteers from Germany and Israel have told us that our school is very special, because it’s not situated in a big western city, and the people who attend it are not from a more or less wealthy background. The local and national governments in Peru are not convinced by the democratic idea and don’t support us, but we are fighting since eight years, and we are in constant process of getting more and more democratic, which is very difficult under the given circumstances. We would like to present to the other schools from all over the world that this kind of education is not only possible in rich western countries with a long history of democracy.

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