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[:en]Organization: Galileo School

Country: Romania

Adults in the group: 4

Students in the group: 0

Organization Description: We are an non-profit NGO who promotes innovation in education trough: – founding a democratic school – offering teacher training in alternative education – organising educational activities for children, based on respect so that they can find their element – counselling parents – counselling other school start-ups. We are now 7 members and give our best every day to this project. We believe that there is no better place to give our time, attention and skills other than education.

Why would I like to attend?

We are the first start-up school of democratic profile in Romania. Being the first who are doing this, we bring a lot of enthusiasm and information on how our first year went.

We want to come to get to know more people who are involved in democratic education. We have only little experience with the new system and consider it very important to learn and connect to other people who have more experience.

We are asking for financial support so that we can cover parts of the costs of the conference. Working in Romania, especially in a start-up school in alternative education, does not provide enough to cover costs for a conference in wealthier countries (1 euro = 4,5 ron) so there is a difference of at least four times in wages. We tried to offer access to the parents who were looking for/needed an alternative school for their children, without discriminating based on financial status. Now we have parents financially contributing to the school with less than half of the costs.

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