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[:en]Name: Hamdi Fdhila

Country: Tunisia

Organization: Tunisia TESOL

Organization Description: Tunisia TESOL is a professional Organization involved in teaching English in Tunisia. It aims to cross the state-private school divide and to work together with the common interest to improve the level of English Proficiency in Tunisia.

About the candidate

My name is Hamdi Fdhila. I am from Tunisia. I graduated from the University of Arts and Humanities of Sousse in 2005 with a Bachelor Degree in English Language and Literature. I am a registered and qualified English language Teacher and I have been teaching the English language to middle and high school learners for more than 9 years. I can describe myself as a passionate teacher, committed to the development of my students and the learning experience. I possess good communication skills and I present information in a variety of ways to meet the learners’ educational needs.

Why would I like to attend?

I can describe myself an Educational professional who is committed to his own professional development. I believe that, attending IDEC2016 is one of the best forms of professional developments. For this reason, it is my conviction that this Conference offers me the valuable opportunity to use the new skills and concepts that I will learn to help enhance the quality of my teaching.

In fact, in addition to the material benefit that I am going to gain like buying books and publications, attending this conference will provide me with a feeling of belonging to a group that shares my passion. Networking with other Educational professionals from other parts of the world is a rare opportunity. The IDEC2016  offers attendees the unique chance to meet leading experts and peers, and exchange ideas with fellow professionals from all sectors of Education. In this sense, attending this conference is also going to grant me the opportunity to positively compare my own work to that of professionals from other countries and therefore, increase my confidence about my ability in resolving similar teaching problems.

I am very confident that my participation in the IDEC2016  will be of great benefit not only to myself but also to my country Tunisia. Upon my return to Tunisia, I have the intention to use what I will learn from this conferences to enhance the quality of Education in my school by sharing the acquired skills and knowledge with my colleagues, students and inspectors. I am very confident that this will help improve the quality of the Tunisian Educational System.

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