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[:en]Vishnu Bhakta DangiOrganization: Hindu Vidyapeeth-Nepal

Country: Nepal

Adults in the group: 3

Students in the group: 0

Organization Description: Hindu Vidyapeeth-Nepal (HVP) is a charity school committed for the promotion of ideals of peace, love, service, harmony and international brotherhood.  HVP is dedicated for the promotion of democratic values and ethics education at schools as well as for the promotion of peace and social services. The school is working for creating a peaceful and harmonious society where all the children learn and love to embrace and respect all the great faiths of the world as of their own.

HVP is not only a school for the children, rather it is a home, where children, teachers and staff all feel very closely connected. They are all free to express their feelings with each other and so love the school as their own home. HVP is the first school of this kind in the field of education in Nepal.

Vishnu - Suman Kumar PokhrelWhy would I like to attend?

We will learn a lot from the conference, meet lots of educators, teachers and intellectuals who are committed for the promotion of the democratic education and this will enable us to broaden our links with our global friends. It will be indeed a great experience which we hope will be highly beneficial to the institution and the children who we are working with.

We really love to get connected with friends from the different parts of the world. This will provide us with an opportunity to experience how people with similar thoughts and visions do work together for the promotion of democratic education. As we have been working in the same filed mainly for the promotion of the values based education in a very democratic environment, we very much appreciate the work IDEC has been doing for the last many years. The reality is that we are all connected and this connection among us would continue to flourish, though we have been performing our duties at different levels from different parts of the world. We indeed will have a better world in the days to come. We just need to continue our good deeds/karma whatever is the situation and wherever we are.

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