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[:en]Name: Imran Inam

Country: Pakistan

Organization: CRDO

Organization Description: CRDO is non for profit organization working at the national level. We are working for good governance. building the capacity of member parliament, local councillors. We are facilitating and registering votes of the minorities, women who do not have vote. We are working for enrolling out of school children at school. We are building the capacity of parent teacher councils. We are organizing teacher training school. We are arranging co curricular activities at school

About the candidate

I have done my Masters in rural development. I am actively working in Education and training sector since 12 years. I am enrolling out of school girl children in school through proper community mobilization. I am building the capacity of parent teacher council. Arranging co curricular activities at school. I am building the capacity of teachers through teacher education.

We are doing voter education sessions while building the capacity of women member parliament at Pakistan. We are forming citizen voice committees for good governance. We are conducting session on best democratic practices among women member parliament.

Why would I like to attend?

I am coming for establishing partnership and developing linkages. We will share our 12 year practical experience. We are facing issues of million of school children are out of school so we will bring strong advocacy through conference to enrol out of school children. Large number of women member parliament have no capacity so their training will be organized for which we will need support from conference participants. We will share our training manuals with conference participants and with their input will improve it.

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