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[:en]Infinita_05Organization: Infinita

Country: Germany

Adults in the group: 17

Students in the group: 16

Organization Description: We (the Infinita) are a young Democratic school in northern Germany. In our school are 47 children and 9 adults. Since we took care of the last years very strongly to the school establishment and approval, had only a few of us the time to EUDEC / IDEC to drive. Now we are all, pupils, teachers and parents very keen on exchange with other schools and would like to prefer all go to EUDEC / IDEC.

Because our school building need a reconstruction now, the school money is very tight. That’s why, we can not support socially weaker families, so that they can go to Finland. For this reason we ask for a better group rate, so that all have the opportunity to come along.

Infinita_02Why would I like to attend?

We all very much want to get in contact with people from different countries.

Our students want…
…contact with other students
…to talk about student exchange
…learn how other students organize their assembly
…to find ideas how to deal with conflict

Our teacher want…
…contact with other schools
…to collect ideas on how inclusion can be possible
Infinita_04…to think about how to deal with different needs in the school

Our parents want…
…contact with other families
…to talk about fears and joys
…to learn about the school life in other democratic schools.

We can say a lot about how it was to found a school, what different options there are to accompany conflicts, about the basic principles of non-violent communication, how to play some fantasy games, how people can find out what they want and how they can implement projects and much more.

We want to learn together, play, cook, clean, take care of children, talk, exchange experiences and shape the Conference together.

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