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[:en]Name: Khalilur Rahman

Country: South Africa

Organization: Encotsheni Public Primary School

Organization Description: My school Encotsheni Public Primary School situated at Khayelitsha is a partially informal township in Western Cape, South Africa, located on the Cape Flats Khayelitsha, between Table Bay and False Bay. It’s about 28-30 KM away from one of the beautiful city in the world called mother City, Cape Town. The name is Xhosa  for New Home. It is reputed to be the larges and fastest growing township in South Africa. but when I see and completely unbelievable ”2 different faces within 30 Km from a world beautiful city and it’s township school with poverty”.

Khayelitsha is one of the poorest areas of Cape Town with a median average income per family of R20,000 (US$ ± 1215.00) a year compared to the City median of R40,000 (US$ ± 2430.00). Roughly over half of the 218,000 households live in informal dwellings. After the historic 1994 elections hundreds of thousands moved to urban areas in search of work, education, or both. Many of them erected shacks made of tin, wood and cardboard.

Most of our parents are single or and unemployed as a result Department of education has granted no fees school with a nutrition plan. But this community still have numerous challenges which we educators are facing in each and everyday. Most of children stays with  single parent, no parents or with their 3rd relatives.

The ethnic makeup of Khayelitsha is approximately 90.5% Black African, 8.5% Coloured and 0.5% White, with Xhosa being the predominant language of the residents. Khayelitsha has a very young population with fewer than 7% of its residents being over 50 years old and over 40% of its residents being under 19 years of age. About 75% of residents consider themselves Christian while about 20% follow traditional beliefs and a negligible number consider themselves Muslim.
Around 70% of residents still live in shacks and one in three people has to walk 200 meters or further to access water.

Around 53% of Khayelitsha’s total working age population is employed. The five most common forms of employment are domestic work (19.4%), service work (15.2%), skilled manual labour (15.2%), unskilled manual labour (11%), and security services (10.4%). 89% of households in Khayelitsha are either moderately or severely food insecure.

Currently we have 958 students at my school with 24 educators and 8 non-teaching staff.

Attending the conference will surely bring a huge change in democratic education.

About the candidate

First of all I am dedicated and committed educator who always embrace democratic education for all and do not tolerate any kind of discrimination being physical, mental, economical, ethical, religion or in any kind, Being in the education field for 18 years and I have seen how much important for me to do more for this poor community children as my role model late Mr. Nelson Mandela told me not to leave and give better education to his children and that I have committed myself and I have prepared to travel anywhere to bring better education where children learn with smile and that I shall do before I depart from this life. In democratic education evident I have very close relationship with both parents and learners alike, a remarkable understanding which shows I stand for democratic education for a child and that’s unique.

Why would I like to attend?

Being an educator I feel privilege and God gifted and therefore as a educator in this community I wanted to bring changes in the community, as well as in the global education.

Education is not a choice or want, it’s a basic needs of any children and to empower democratic education I promote both sport and cultural activities within the community which keeps children away from smokes, drugs, alcohol, physical abuse, sexual abuse etc. I am also involved in launching various sport initiatives, organizing Donor for orphan, street kids, needy children, assisting desperate student with their business plan, including my favourite sport, cricket, volley.

Should I get found to attend this conference then i will be able to present to the world about my career, dream and share my thought and also learn more about how to bring real democratic education to every children and more specially in the poor community. I feel and we can surely change a life from a danger zone to a comfort, a simple life.

Should we give priority in democratic education then we can achieved our main objective in education.

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