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[:en]Robert Clarke 02Name: Robert Clarke

Country: Liberia / France

Organization: American Graduate School in Paris

Organization Description: The American Graduate School in Paris is a private institution that specialises in IR & Diplomacy. The program incorporates students from all around the world. It is culturally diverse, and offers professors and diplomats with great for two in various IR & D subject matters.

About the candidate

Hi. My name is Robert Clarke, I am a Liberian citizen, and currently a graduate student at the American Graduate School in Paris.

I am 27 years old, and have lived most of my life in Liberia. I am success driven, and have passion for education and helping to provide solutions to some of the problems we face as a country.

Prior to moving to France, I worked as a teacher/research supervisor at the AME University in Liberia.

I sincerely look forward to being a candidate for this conference as I am very positive it will be the beginning of my vision I have towards improving education in Liberia.

Why would I like to attend?

I come from Liberia, listed in world Bank 2015 report as the 5th poorest country in the world. Factors constituting our placement can be highly linked to the lack of quality education in Liberia. I broached this conference with both practical and theoretical experience. I have been in classrooms as a student and a teacher, that has given me the opportunity to have both a student and teacher perspective. This conference can benefit me in many ways, to begin with the realisation of my vision for the education sector in Liberia. It is my hope that at the end of this conference I would have gained collective knowledge and gained the support of sponsors to support my vision back in Liberia.

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