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[:en]Organization: Rogers Academy

Country: Hungary

Adults in the group: 3

Students in the group: 5 (age over 18)

Organization Description: We are a small non-school, a school – like organization without any accreditation in the Hungarian School system. We are supported only by the families we are in contact with. We have 12 kids at the moment, and there are several teachers working with these kids. Our pedagogy is based on Carl Rogers’s ideas and on our experiences of the last 15 years when we had been an official school. We left the official road in 2012. Our kids basically come from intellectual families having very strong character and alternative attitude towards learning. We put a lot of energy in making a group form these kids and showing many ways of learning. They are nice and interesting kids.

Why would I like to attend?

I (Katalin) took part in IDEC 1996, Hadera. I loved it. The atmosphere fascinated me, I still have good memories on those days. I found people who have very similar thoughts about learning and teaching to our ideas. It was fun to have good conversations, to meet nice teachers and students from different countries but same ideas about freedom and democracy. We are not a democratic school as an organization, but we are not very far from it. We have very little money, and I would send other people from our organization this time to have the experience and fresh air and great joy. Also I send students who are happy to join the conference as the first step in making international connections outside Hungary.

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