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[:en]Name: Saumya Sharma

Country: Kerala, India

Organization: Sri Atmananda Memorial School

Organization Description: Sri Atmananda Memorial School was founded in 1987 by Sri Adwayananda from Malakkara, Kerala, India. The approach focuses on child-teacher relationship based on trust and integrity.

About the candidate

I have been teaching in alternative schools. Now, I work with a not-for-profit school based in Kerala which promotes child-centred/led learning although it is affiliated to the Indian Certificate of Secondary Examination. I have been teaching English language through different mediums depending on the taste and interest of the child. I have been researching and working in the field of democratic education to raise awareness about Human Rights and education for democracy. Last year, I attended the EUDEC in Poland which helped me connect with more interested and enthusiastic people working and promoting democratic education which gives children the freedom and allows them to become decision-makers in their own education.

Why would I like to attend?

I would like to share the importance of child-teacher relationship and also about the ecosystem (involvement of children, teachers, parents and community to which the child belongs) that nourishes and supports the well-being of children. I wish to create a network of teachers, a sort of ”Teachers Without Borders” for the benefit of children in a small place like Malakkara. We are a very tiny droplet in a ginormous ocean, but we do see and have experienced in the past the impact it can create.

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