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[:en]Organization: Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir

Country: Nepal

Adults in the group: 2

Students in the group: 1

Organization Description: We are a Nepali non-profit organization based in Nepal. We take care of more than 250 underprivileged children and adults by providing them food, shelter, education and all that is required to lead a decent life. We guide these children to grow up to become Men of values, selflessness and living souls through democratic/holistic education, yoga, meditation and spiritual guidance.

The Ashram is not running on any regular funds from the Government or any NGOs, hence in order to sustain itself and to provide a multidimensional learning environment the Ashram runs its own small scale activities such as organic cow dairy, herbal incense making, guest house, Pashmina weaving, Thanka painting, mill, yoga etc.

The Ashram has participated in several of the past IDECs and is the first institution in Nepal to promote Innovative and holistic education based on democratic principles.

Why would I like to attend?

We believe that the mutual sharing at the IDEC is what makes it so special. We are committed in bringing something unique to the IDEC and learn as well.

Our school is relentless in propagating soul based education that integrates heart centered spiritual education with the academic and vocational aspect for the complete upbringing of a child.

This is what we want to share at the IDEC. We would also like to learn from democratic schools all over the world which shall help us improve the system of education.

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