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[:en]Organization: Zibulex Uganda Limited

Country: Uganda

Organization Description: We represent two different organizations. one is Zibulex Uganda Limited which is a student recruitment organization and also at the same time it deals with education programs here in Uganda.

The other is a university called Kyambogo University which also is one of the major universities here in Uganda.

Why would I like to attend?

We are a group of scholars from Uganda, Kampala and we are very interested in joining the IDEC@EUDEC 2016. We come from different organizations but want to come in as a group because we always meet as a group during our different education sessions. We believe this conference will be of great advantage to us and also our country as a whole since back in Africa education facilities are still back wards.

We would like to attend the conference because of different reasons, first because we would like to meet with so many other scholars from around the world share ideas and knowledge on the education sector, get more information and motivation on how to improve our education sector back here in Uganda through our organization called Zibulex Uganda Limited, share more of our education sector with you and also our education syllabus.

Get more ideas on how to help our other colleagues on get better education facilities especially the youth who are more interested in democracy and politics in our country.

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