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[:en]Stork - 1f5646093f8aOrganization: Private Family UNESCO Stork School

Country: Ukraine

Adults in the group: 2

Students in the group: 9

Organization Description: We are a 25 years old non-commercial private family UNESCO school, created by parents, teachers and friends for their children. It has got alternative forms and methods of teaching and organising students’ development. We try to use democratic approaches in teaching and communication between parents, students and teachers.

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Stork - 76a4de035e80 Why would we like to attend?

We would like to join the conference in order to cooperate with some other schools and find friends for the school. Also we are taking a team consisting of a parent with a kindergarten child, a preschool kindergarten teacher and 8 secondary students to participate in workshops and sessions, and we are going to present our own workshop and music too.

We need to meet old friends and find new for our school and students, we need experience in democratic teaching and school management as Ukraine has been entering the EU space more and more.

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